grocery haul

My Weekly Grocery​ Haul and Meal Plan

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to start a new segment on my blog where I share my weekly grocery haul, my menu plan for that week and any great deals that I find that week at the stores.  So let’s get started.

I shop at two different stores, Aldi and Meijer.  I go to Aldi first because I usually find the best deals there on the items but you never know what they are going to have in stock and go to Meijer to get anything left on my list.

I do like to take separate pictures of what I get at each store because I think a lot of people overlook Aldi’s and what they might have but I surprisingly get about 80% of my grocery list there and it costs about half of my total budget.

My grocery budget was $100 but I finished at $102.


My Aldi’s Haul  – Total $69


2% milk, whole milk, almond milk, eggs (2 dozen), gala apples, pretzels, mozzarella cheese, half & half, tortillas, celery, banana, mini cucumbers, sliced mushrooms, bread, strawberries (2 lbs), bow tie pasta, frozen corn, frozen Brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, baby golden potatoes, mini peanut butter crackers, 10 baby food pouches,  yogurt drops (2), mini blueberry muffins, tomato sauce, cereal bars.

My Meijer Haul – $ 33


toilet paper, trash bags, animals cookies, Kodiak cakes, brownies, tomatoes, 5 bell peppers, 3 Russet potatoes, frozen carrots, frozen broccoli, white onion and 2 Roma tomatoes.

I know it’s crazy right.  It doesn’t seem like Meijer should be that expensive but here we are.   The reason why I got the produce that I did at Meijer instead of Aldi’s is that I’m not a huge fan of buying their onions and potatoes in just bulk because I never use them fast enough.  Also, I haven’t had the best of luck with Aldi’s peppers.  They came 3 in a bag for about $1 a piece but I always seem to get a bad one so I stopped buying them.  But honestly, that’s the only bad produce that I’ve gotten repeatedly not great.

My Weekly Meal Plan

Tuesday – Sloppy Joes on baked potatoes    We had these already and they were so good.  Norah (not the pickiest baby) even likes it.  Totally making it again.

Wednesday –  Leftovers

Thursday – Homemade Pizza  Will post my recipe for this later.  I’m also searching for a non bread machine recipe too.

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Steak and Potatoes     I still have from sirloin and round steaks in my freezer so I’m going to use that instead of the flank steak because I already have it on hand and flank steak is expensive.

Sunday – Pancakes   I don’t know about you but Sunday aren’t that easy going days that they used to be.  Between the church struggles and just a different routine for the morning by the time that dinner comes around I’m not in the mood for a big meal and especially a big clean up.  So last week we had Binner and it was perfect, simple and easy and we are doing it again this week.  My plan is to make extra so I can use them for breakfast for the rest of the week.

Monday – One Pot Creamy Garlic Chicken and Veggie Pasta   This originally wasn’t what I was going to make on Monday but I ended up going with this recipe for two reasons.  One I can deconstruct it easily for James and Norah.  I pull out some pasta, chicken, and veggies without any sauce on them so I can try to get James to eat them.  The second reason is that since all the ingredients are either frozen or canned I don’t have to worry about them going bad before the day comes for me to make them or make a second trip to get them fresh halfway through the week which always leads to me spending more.


So that’s my grocery haul and meal plan for this week.   What does your meal plan or grocery haul look like?