DIY Nursing Tank Top

Hi Everyone,

This newborn stage with N has been a lot different than it was with J.  When J was a little baby, we hardly left the house and if we did it evolved around J’s eating schedule.  I think, in over 15 months of breastfeeding J, I only feed him out in public less than 5 times.  And in N’s short life I have already done that amount if not more.  With J’s school, Wes’ job and since the morning is the only time we can really get out.  I don’t dare mess with J’s nap schedule.  Yes, I would rather nurse in public than deal with an angry toddler who didn’t get a good nap.  I have done a lot of nursing in public.  Nothing gets your oil changed faster than nursing in the Car-X lobby.

Even though I don’t see anything wrong with it, I’m not a ‘let it all hang out’ public nurser.  I do use a cover or a blanket but even with those I feel a little exposed, especially with my back and stomach.  So I wanted to get something that would provide me a little more coverage.

I had my first MOPS meeting of the year and I knew I was going to have to nurse N during this time (the meeting is about 3 hours) so I wanted to get something before then. I knew what I was looking for because I had looked into it when J was little but I didn’t really use them because I never nursed in public.   Instead of DIYing it, I looked at target and old navy.  The one at Target was too expensive and they didn’t have my size and the one from old navy I could only get online and while it was on sale, was just as much to ship it to me as it cost to buy it.  I also found some on Amazon but they were pretty pricey, so I thought I would DIY it.  So while I was at old navy, I grabbed a tank top with thin straps, cut them off, sewed them into a loop and attached it to my bra.  Don’t worry I have pictures and more details.


Here is a picture of the tank top that I bought.  I didn’t think to blog/ take pictures of this until I had already done one side.  When looking for a tank top to use for this make sure it fits well, not baggy, and that has thin straps.


Cut the strap that connects to the back of the tank top.  You won’t have straps that go over your shoulders so that’s why you want to make sure that it’s tight so it won’t fall down too much.


Make a loop with the strap, you want something not too large or not too small just big enough to fit over the hook on your bra. I pinned it so it wouldn’t move when I sew it.

You don’t have to do any fancy stitch just something that will hold.


After the loop is secured, cut the remaining strap.

fullsizeoutput_465And that’s it.


When you put it on, just put the hooks of your nursing bra through the loops and attach to your bra.  This isn’t a tank top that will help with your modesty towards the top because it hangs a little low but it will help cover your tummy and back.

And that’s it.  It’s pretty simple, took like than 10 minutes and you don’t need amazing sewing skills to do.

Do you ever DYI your clothes?

What do you do when you are looking for something but can’t find it or it’s too expensive?

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My Favorite Newborn Items

With N about to turn 2 months old, we are exiting the newborn stage (and size 3 months clothes, I grow them big) and entering the infant stage there have been a few items that I have leaned on a lot in the last two months, my favorite newborn items.

1.  A rocking bassinet –  My sister let me borrow hers and it has been a lifesaver.  It is where N naps most of the time during the day and even a couple of nights when her room was occupied (it’s half nursery, half guest room).  It also has been a huge help on those nights where N couldn’t decide how she wanted to go to sleep, a couple rocks in this baby and she was out.  It’s been a lifesaver and it was free or borrowed.


2. Sleepsacks/ Sleep bags/ Swaddles –  With J, he slept in a swaddle for the whole first 4 months and it worked wonders for him.  N likes to have her arms out, it took it only a couple of not so great nights for us to realize, she likes to free.  So we used the old swaddles for a while until she out grew them then we started using sleep sacks or sleep bags and they are great.   They keep her warm doing the night and gives her the freedom she apparently needs.


3. Side-snap half shirt –  In line with sleeping, another thing we feel in love with when J was a baby and again with N is the half shirt.  I dress in N a half shirt, either short or long sleeve,  and her sleep sack.  I found the half shirt to be so much easier to deal with at night when changing the mid-night diapers because the last thing you want to do is tassel the baby a lot and really wake them up.


4.  My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow –  I know the boppy pillow is popular and has a sticker on it that says it’s the #1 shower gift but honestly, in my opinion, it’s overrated.  Yes it’s nice that you can use it for more than just breastfeeding but the Brest friend nursing pillow is so much better.  1 – it wraps and buckles around you so it can move away from you while you are nursing.  2 – it has a little pocket in front for all the little things you might need while nursing such as nail clippers, chapstick, hair ties or even a snack.  3 – the part of the pillow that rests against you is flat, doesn’t curve like the boppy so the baby doesn’t slip down and get out of position while you are nursing.


5.  The Baby Whisper Book –  Okay, this one isn’t exactly for the baby and it’s more for the mom but it does help a whole lot in the front few months.  I actually just referred back to it today because I’m trying to figure out how to help N nap better in her crib.  It gives a ton of advice and insights into the baby world.


Minus the rocker/ rock-n-play, budget allowing, I will probably get all these items for the mom at the next baby shower I attend.   I know there is always that discussion, do you follow the registry or not but sometimes as a new mom, you really don’t know what you will need or what works best.  And there is always receipts and returns.

What are some of your favorite newborn/ baby items?

Is there anything that you received as a gift that you never would have bought on your own but ended up being a lifesaver in the end?

What’s your go to baby shower gift?

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Freezer Cookies

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m just in the mood for some cookies.  And because I like to bake I usually have the supplies on hand it’s easy for me to whip them up.  But the problem I run into is that I end up with so many cookies.  And since I’m trying to get back into shape, having a ton of cookies around isn’t helping. And I am not a fan of the recipes that make only 20 cookies. If I’m going to get out all the ingredients, measure it out, dirty up the kitchen, preheat the oven and then clean up, I want a decent about of cookies for my work.  So what to do when I want to make enough cookies/ dough to make it worth the effort but don’t want just 60 cookies laying around waiting for me to eat them.  Let me induce you to the idea of freezing cookie dough.


Maybe I’m not really inducing you to the idea because it’s a pretty simple one that seemed to take me a long time to do.   Besides the problems it solves that I have listed above, freezing unbaked cookie dough has some other benefits.  You know that mid-day low, maybe it’s naptime and you just feel like some chocolate, pop in a couple frozen cookie dough balls and enjoy a little bit of paradise before all hell breaks out again.  Another benefit is when you are going to a meeting and you want to bring a little something but don’t have the time to really make something.  I did this last week for a small meeting I was attending for my prayer group.  I wanted to bring a little snack but I didn’t have the time to make anything so I just popped them in and in about 15 minutes (they were big cookies) I had a snack all ready to go without any mess or hassle.

So I thought I would share how I freeze the cookie dough and some of my favorite recipes to freeze.

  1. Line a cookie sheet with either parchment paper or foil.  This really helps with the post freeze clean up.
  2.  Take scoops of cookie dough and roll them into balls placing them close together but not touching.fullsizeoutput_44f
  3. Place them into the freezer and leave them in there until they are frozen or I remember they are in there (truth). fullsizeoutput_450
  4. After you pull them out of the freezer, place them into a freezer baggie and label the bag.fullsizeoutput_451
  5. When you need them, bake them at the same temperature but for a couple of minutes more since you are baking from frozen.


Here are some of my favorite cookie recipes.

Michelle Pearson’s Chocolate chip cookie

Betty Crocker Oatmeal cookies

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pudding chocolate chip cookies



Day in the Life – First Day Alone


‘Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.

I thought I would share a ‘Day in the Life’ because who doesn’t love the chance to be able to look into someone else life and see what their day looks.  I personally enjoy reading them and so I’m gonna try to do one once a month because right now my life is changing a lot month by month.  I decided to blog the first day that Wes went back to work at the station, a full 24 hours + of just me and the kids.  I know you are so jealous, so here we go.

6:15 – Wes wakes up.  I run/control the alarm clock so I wake up, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes when he wakes up.

6:45 – Wes comes in, kisses me goodbye and leaves for work.

7:00 – The kids are up!  I change their diapers, get them dressed and nurse N.  J watches some cartoons on PBS.

8:00 – Breakfast!

Pancakes with a side of chocolate milk and lemon water. Yummy!

8:30 – I clean up the house.  Some nights I don’t always get the chance to clean up before I go to bed so I spent the morning picking up the house and cleaning the kitchen.  I also take this opportunity to listen to some podcasts.  I enjoy listening to YHL has a podcast, Someone knows something and She Proves Faithful.  And yes I understand how all over my podcast preferences are.

Ever since we got James train table, we have been keeping a good chunk on his toys in his room but he still likes to bring some toys into the living room.  So instead of taking a million trips back and forth from the living room to his room, I just gather all his toys in a basket and put it in his room once I’m done.


10 – I finish cleaning and I nurse N again.

11 – J has his speech therapy.  He has it once a week and we have seen a lot of improvements in the 7 months he has been doing it.

12 – Speech Therapy is over and now it’s time for lunch – for both kids.

I’ve been letting J eat at his little table just in case I have to nurse N and I don’t want him to get stuck in the highchair if I can’t easily help me down.

12:40 – After everyone is full I try to fit in a workout.  J is watching some TV and N is sleeping in her bassinet/ rocker.  It takes me over an hour to get in a 25-minute workout between the two kids.


To get stuff done, sometimes you just had to make it work.

1:40 – James is down for his afternoon nap and I finally have lunch while N is still napping.  I also get a little camper work done before N wakes up and decides that she would rather nap being held.

My lunch: PB&J, celery with PB, a peach and fiber one brownie for dessert.

3:30 –  J wakes up and is ready to go.

4 –  We decide to get out of the house and head to the library to pick up some books and movies.  J is starting to get into Pixar and Disney movies so we rent them on the regular from the library.  Is that even a phrase anymore – on the regular. If so, great, if not, them still gonna use it.

This is pure bliss – the train table all to yourself!

J likes to hit up the train table at the library.  We usually stay there for a little bit until the idea of having to share the trains gets to be too much and we move on.

5 – We head over to Aldi’s, probably to get milk.  We go through milk like crazy now.

6 – Dinner time –  A couple of weeks ago I moved our dinner time from 6:30 to 6 because N was wanting to nurse around 6:30.  Her nursing time changed but the 6 o’clock dinner time seemed to work out pretty well so I decided to keep it there.  J doesn’t seem to be as ‘hangry’ at 6 and it leaves more time in the evening after dinner.

When Wes is working I try to have leftovers or make something simple for dinner since that’s when it’s starts to get a little hairy about here.  On tonight menu is pasta with pasta sauce and green beans on the side.  Plain pasta is something easy and quick that I know James will eat with no problem.


7:40 –   I actually put J to bed about half an hour early on days when Wes is working because, truthfully, I’m ready for a break. Get J ready for bed – Change diaper and get into PJ’s and call Wes on facetime.  We like to facetime with him when he’s at the station for the night.  J likes to be able to kiss the phone and play silly games with him.

8:00 – I nurse N again and get her ready for bed.  She doesn’t always fall asleep right after nursing so she hangs out in the rocker while I clean up the kitchen.

9:00 –  Both kids are asleep and in their own rooms.  Hallelujah!

9:30 – N stirs and with a little extra rocking and cuddling she’s back asleep.

10:15 – I’m asleep.

I hope you enjoyed a day in our life.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!





Busy, Crazy Week

Hi Everyone,


I hope you had a great week and ready for the last weekend of summer.  Over here in the Henry household, it has been a rather crazy week.   J started preschool this week, I had two evening meetings and Wes worked a ‘M-W-F’ at the station.  This week has gone by super fast and also super slow at the same time.  I’m sure you mamas out there can totally relate.

I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like.  I wrote a post the other day about meal trains and I didn’t like how it sounded.  I felt like I didn’t have my voice and was boring to read. So I’m still going to post it but need to rewrite it and make it more interesting so stay tuned for that.   My new goal for this blog is to post every Tuesday and Saturday.  I want to get where I am posting more but right now, in this season of life, two posts a week is what I can do.

This week has been a tough one for me to get much done.  N hasn’t been sleeping during J’s nap time like I would like her too/ she used to do.  I usually only can get about 30 minutes of them both asleep at the same time and it’s barely enough time for me to get the camper stuff done let alone write/ work on a blog post.  Sometimes I can get N back to sleep if I hold her and since it’s hard to type with only one hand, I usually end up taking a nap or doing something other than blogging.

I had two meetings this week that were related to my MOPS group – one for the prayer team I’m on and the other for my MOPS table.  I had a great time both nights – it’s always nice to get out of the house and actually talk to other moms or even adults after being at home with a toddler and a newborn all day.

My plan was to do a little blogging in the evening but with the evening meetings and N decided to not go to sleep before 11:30 the past two nights, there hasn’t been much time to get things done.

And if the week hasn’t felt long enough, J got a cold after only going to school twice!    So last night he was up and down all night because he was having a hard time breathing.  Luckily Wes was home last night so towards the end of the night or early morning, depending on how you look at it,  I passed off the J torch to him.  I try to let him sleep during the night when I can, especially when he has to work at the station the next day, but I was so tired that I need some help/sleep.  I have probably only gotten about 4-5 hours of sleep the past two nights with maybe a small nap during the day and it’s really starting to wear on me.  I even sent up a prayer this morning for some extra patience today because I knew I was going to need it and I certainly have needed.  Sadly, it still wasn’t enough.  This morning I was trying to get N to sleep and hopefully take a nap in her crib and when I went to put her in it, J followed me in and wouldn’t leave her room.  After asking him many times to leave, I ended up having to remove him and he cried, N woke up and I lost it.  I yelled and put him in his crib because I just needed a few minutes. Me trying to practice patience and trying to set a good tone for the household as gone out the window today, it makes me sad and I wish it wasn’t that way but I just feel like I’m all done for today and it’s only the afternoon.

As I mentioned,  Wes is working a “M-W-F” and what I mean by that is that he is working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the station and he’ll work Tuesday and Thursday at the shop so he didn’t get home on those days till 6:30ish.  On one hand, it does mean that we will have two weekends in a row where he doesn’t have to work but on the other hand, it leads to a very long week because there aren’t two days in a row during the week where he is home.  When we first got married, Wes always complained about the ‘M-W-F’  work week and how it made the week seem so long and now I finally understand.

Do you ever get to the point of where you need more than just a few minutes to yourself? I’m totally there today; I need a break, some time to myself, some time to actually get some stuff done, some time to just breathe.  But I can’t tell Wes this because I’ve already had to two nights off this week.  On Sunday we are going to a family cook out and either it’s going to help (take me off of main baby watch duty) or make it worse because of short naps and just the fun stuff that goes along with traveling and family.

I’m sorry if this is coming off as a big rant, this week has just been tough.  I do have some positive things that happened this week.

This is the best first day of school picture I could get. We like to run at the camera.

J started Preschool and from what I can gather he has had fun and it’s going pretty well.  Since he’s speech delayed all I can really get out of him is a ‘Yeah’ if I asked him if he had fun and so I have to rely on more of his behavior than words.  Since he willingly went back on Thursday, he must have had a good time on Tuesday.  He was a little more eager to leave on Thursday than Tuesday but I think that since Tuesday was a short day (1 hour) he wasn’t done playing but on Thursday (after 2 hours) he was had gotten his feel of the toys.  He seems to be a little more into coloring since Tuesday, getting out his crayon and colored pencils, so he must have enjoyed that part of preschool.


Because the weather has been a little cooler, we have been able to get out and play outside a little more which has been nice and burns off a good amount of energy.  We also were able to make it to a Gymboree Class and saw a lot of our friends that we haven’t seen for a few months.  J has been during Gymboree for over a year now but with N and J going to school we are going to take a little break and see if we can find a class that fits into our schedule better.

This is how I get my workout in. Workout video on the computer, baby in rocker and toddler in other room watching TV.

On a positive personal side, I have been doing pretty good with my workout lately, I got in 3 this week. I will post more about it later but I have started during Jillian Michael 30 day shred.  This is my go-to get back in shape DVD.  I have done it so many times that I can probably do the first level in my sleep, which sometimes I feel like I am.  On school days,  the only time that I can get it in is in the morning before the kids get up.  It’s nice having that quiet time in the morning but it just leads to early days.

Right now, today, I am in a dark place, not a scary, I need to get medical attention, dark place.  Just it’s been a long week and I don’t want to be in little kid land anymore and would like to be able to get something done.  I know after a good night sleep and maybe even a early night to myself  I will be recharged and ready for tomorrow.  And when I look back at this week, I will see all the fun we had and the memories that we made but for now, I’m just counting down the hours until bedtime.

Update:  The stars seem to line up and both kids went down early last night and I got 2 – 3 glorious hours of quietness to myself.  If you are wondering I used those hours to take a 8 pm nap, clean the kitchen, pick up around the house and work on my monthly budget.  It was exactly what I needed to recharge and I feel so much better today.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend.









Updating My Closet

redoing my closet


I don’t know if it’s just me or not but it seems like after I’m done being pregnant I get this huge urge to go shopping and get some new clothes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again, too excited to get back to a normal figure or I just have too much time on my hands during all the late-night feedings but after the birth of N I did some shopping. But this time instead of just going to the store and buying a bunch of random items I decided to try out the capsule wardrobe idea.

My Guide for buying pieces for the capsule wardrobe.

If you don’t know, the whole idea behind having a capsule wardrobe is to have a limited number of items in your closet – most experts say around 37 pieces or less including shoes and accessories. Not only do you have a limited amount of pieces but they all work together so when you are getting ready in the morning it’s quick, easy and less stressful.

I’m a pretty simple dresser. When I’m at home I’m usually in a t-shirt/ tank top and some sweats, out in public it’s a t-shirt and jeans. I’m not a shoe person and I don’t have a huge jewelry collection so I thought this capsule wardrobe was something that was feasible for me so I’m giving it a try.

The before shot – My clothes take up the top row and the first section before the shoe organizer. The rest are Wes’ clothes.

First, I pulled everything out of my closet and sorting them into five different piles. Love it, Maybe, No, Seasonal and Occasional Wear. I also did another pile, pregnancy.
Love it – items that I would wear right then and there,
Maybe – items that I’m not completely sure about, you like it but something about it just isn’t right,
No – things you bought but never ever wear,
Seasonal – items that only fit into a certain season such as shorts or turtlenecks.
Occasional wear – items that you only wear on certain occasions such as fancy dress or suits.


I decided that I’m going to have two seasons for my closet – fall/winter, and spring/summer. Since I live in Indiana and we experience all four seasons (sometimes even in the course of a week) I knew that I would have some pieces that only would work for winter or summer but not both. Those items are either shorts or short dresses and sweaters and long-sleeve shirts all the other pieces will stay in my closet all year long.

My maybe pile was better than I thought it would be. There were some pieces that I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to let go of but I knew that I didn’t need them in my closet all the time. I put all the maybe items and the seasonal items inside a storage box that is under my stored under my bed.


Being only a month postpartum I’m still in the between stage of pregnancy clothes and regular clothes so I did keep a few pieces of my maternity wardrobe like my pants and a few shirts. My maternity t-shirts are actually some of my favorite shirts to wear around the house. Since I don’t have the huge belly anymore, they end up being pretty long and cover a lot so they are perfect for my legging days, which happen a lot during the week. I put the maternity clothes that I know that I won’t wear again in a large storage bag that is waiting to be taken down to the basement.


I ended up getting rid/ donating a lot of clothes. I tried to be as realistic about ‘am I going to wear this again’ as I possibly could be and I ended up getting rid of a lot of my old work clothes. I haven’t worked outside the home in over 2 years and don’t have any plans on going back anytime soon so it didn’t make sense to hold onto those items. I also find myself wearing dresses to church a lot so that also allowed me to get rid of a lot of my old work clothes. I also got rid of anything that I was keeping just in case because I never found myself wearing/ using them so it just wasn’t worth taking up the extra space. I ended up donating 3 bags of clothes and one bag of shoes.

From the grey striped shirt forward is my maternity clothes section.

After going through and getting rid of the maybe,  no, seasonal and most of the maternity clothes  I was left with some good staple pieces.  A nice selection of cardigans (I love cardigans – they are my go for fall and winter), a couple shirts and a few dresses.  A nice starting place but I did a few more items to really make it work.


One tip on refilling my closet that I read about was trying to find a style icon or just a style that you like and try to recreate that – I choose Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. I started watching the old episodes of Fixer Upper while I was nursing N at night and I realized that I really liked her style – It’s simple, very jeans and t-shirt but stylish and that’s the route that I wanted to go. I wanted to be able to pull a couple of pieces out of my closet and look pulled together.


I didn’t have a big budget to buy these new pieces so I went to Old Navy. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Old Navy. I really like their pieces of items and they always seem to have items on sale but I’m not always crazy about their quality and how hard it is to find things. But I have found that their quality of their items vary and overall don’t have a problem for what I need it for.


I ended up purchasing 5 basic t-shirts: a black, a white, a gray, a light blue and a white/navy stripe shirt.


I also bought a few button down shirts (something that I didn’t really have before); a white tunic, a light blue and a denim color.


I also branched out a little bit and got a short black dress. I don’t find myself wearing a dress too often outside of church but I would like to try to do so a little bit more and this dress is very much my style. It’s simple and flowly and does a good job hiding all my little areas that I would like to hide a little more.


The last times that I got weren’t from Old Navy but a couple of online stores. I decided to get a couple of printed shirts to have a more casual style for when I don’t feel like wearing just a plain shirt.

I still have a couple of items that I would like to get such as gray and/or black jeans, a couple bright colored shirts and maybe a couple pieces of jewelry.

Overall this was a great project I was able to go through my closet and finally get rid of the pieces that I only stare at but never wear.  I’m really excited for fall to come so I can wear more of my new pieces and really give this capsule wardrobe a try.

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Postpartum Must Haves


You can find lists of items that you must have for newborns all over the internet and Pinterest but it doesn’t seem like Moms get as much love. So I thought I would share the items that have helped me survive the first few weeks with baby N.

1.Free stuff from the hospital – I’m not sure how much of it’s really ‘free’ because I’m sure I pay for it somewhere but I try to leave the hospital with as much stuff as I think I will use. I try not to be too greedy but if I feel like I’m gonna need those giant diaper pads then I take those. This trip they even gave me some new items such as a spray for down there, some foam and some witch hazel pads. On top of those new items, I also took the removing smaller pads, extra pair of mesh underwear and a few ice packs just in case. Taking as many items from the hospital keeps me from having someone run out and get similar items for me and I don’t have to spend the money on them.

2. Pajamas – Prior to going to the hospital I bought myself some new pajamas for both the hospital and after. The first set of PJs that I got was a matching top and bottom short set. I got these because I liked the ease of being able to nurse in them but still be able to cover myself up. Being blessed with larger boobs and then knowing how large they will get once my milk came in I knew that some of the more traditional breastfeeding sleep tops weren’t going to work for me. So the buttons allowed me access and coverage. The other set of PJs that I got was a sleeping gown, again this isn’t necessarily a nursing gown, but it has worked out amazing and I was raving about it before I even left the hospital. The length is really nice and I liked the coverage up top. Because it was more structured up top I am able to wear nursing pads at night with it and not have any leaking issues.

3. A giant water bottle – Especially when you are nursing you need to be drinking a lot of water and one of the easiest ways I’ve found to make sure I drink a lot of water is to have a cup that holds a lot of water. I’m not always the best at refilling my water bottle. I like to use the large 30 oz mug that they give you at the hospital. It’s huge has a straw and is pretty sturdy so it doesn’t get tipped over all the time. But my absolute favorite water bottle is the RTIC thermal water bottle. It keeps the water ice cold and for a very long time like over a 12 hour. I have found that I drink more water when it’s colder and this bottle does the trick.


4. Sweatpants – Like many nursing mamas out there I did quite a bit of online shopping during the late nights up with N and I stumbled across these sweatpants and oh my they are so comfy. They are super soft and feel like a little step up from my black leggings that I wear most of the week.


5. Breastmilk bra pads – I like to use two different kinds of these pads. I like to cotton/ washable ones for during the day. I feel like they are more comfortable, hid your nipples better (we all know about this problem) and costs down on waste. I do, however, like to use to the sticky, throwaway kind at night. I don’t like to wear a bra to bed and in these first couple week and months when your supply is all over the place and you leak like crazy. These are great for sticking to the inside of whatever shirt I’m wearing to bed to help with the leaking. The cotton ones don’t seem to stay in place as well when I’m not wearing a bra.


6. Meal Train Meals – After the birth of N, I was very lucky to be part of a meal train from my MOPS group. Five women from my group made and brought meals to me and my family the first couple weeks after N was born. I am so very thankful for this because it really allowed me to focus on other things and not have to worry about a big kitchen clean up or what I was going to make for dinner. If you aren’t part of a moms / MOPS group maybe you can organize something with your friends so you can take care of each other after a birth. If you aren’t part of a group of friends that you can set up a meal train with, I would highly recommend doing some frozen meals but it doesn’t have to be just casseroles.  Get creative!

7. Switching off Early Mornings – I have very lucky in the sense that Wes was able to take almost a month of paternal leave from his firefighter job. It gave us a month of where he didn’t have to rush off at 6:30 am to get to the station so we were able to switch off on who was waking up with the kids in the morning. Being able to sleep in (till 8) felt amazing especially on the morning where I was up for hours in the middle of the night with N.
8. Lowering Your Expectations – This is probably the biggest Mommy must have for your first few weeks with a new baby. I feel like it’s easier to have lower expectations with your second pregnancy vs. your first because you already know what to expect with a newborn. You already know about the rough nights, how tough the first weeks are and how demanding a newborn can be. Somedays you will have the house perfectly cleaned and dinner on the table by 6 and other days your biggest accomplishment is that you got dressed that day aka took of your PJs and put on some leggings. Having lower expectations isn’t bad, it’s just realistic and will lead to more enjoyable and less stressed first few weeks.


9. Nursing or Baby App – Knowing that I was having to tend to two little humans and their demands I knew I was going to need help in remembering the little details that the doctor will ask at her first doctor appointment aka how often and how long is she eating and how many dirty/ wet diapers does she have. I knew that I couldn’t remember it on my own so I download an app that would keep track for me.  I like the Baby Nursing App – it’s simple to use but holds a lot of information.  There are a lot of these apps out there and you just have to find one that works best for you.



Hello There!

Family picture from last year.

For my first blog post I thought I would do a little more details about me, my life and this whole blogging thing.

I guess I’ll start at the semi beginning. I’ve lived my whole life in the state of Indiana and I would say that I had a pretty typical Indiana childhood. I grew up playing sports and driving the county roads at night with the window down. After college, I met Wes at an Indy Indians baseball game by complete chance and before I knew it, I was head over heels in love with him and we were married within two years. J came along two years later and N about two years after that. I left my job working at a bank when J was born and have been staying at home even since then. Last year I took over as the office manager for Wes’ personal business.

J’s favorite place to watch tv from at grandma’s house.

While we are on the topic of Wes working, I would easily say that the amount of hours that he works largely impacts how I parent and what kind of mother I am. With Wes’ main job, as a firefighter, he works 24 hours shifts, every other day for 5 days then he has 4 days off then it repeats itself. And you add him working at his own business for about 12 hours, he’s gone for about 36 hours stretches. That’s 36 hours of just me and the kid(s), 36 hours of me being the only disciplinarian, snack-getter, boo boo kisser, bather and put to bedder. While I don’t have it as tough as some parents, spouses of military personal or real single parents, I do feel like a lot of the time that I am a single parent. I’ve learned how to take J almost anywhere, doctors appointments, grocery stores, clothes shopping, you name it and I have probably taken J with me at some point. It’s also super easy to just get into a routine of just the two of us. This was pretty clear when my parents came to watch J when I was in labor with N. There was a small hiccup with my mom putting syrup directly onto the pancakes and not to the side. I didn’t even think to make a note of it for my mom because it’s just something that we have always done without thinking about it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 5.38.28 PM
My running/ healthy lifestyle blog.


Like I mentioned in my ‘About Me’ section, this isn’t my first run at having a blog. I guess you could say that I’m a serial blogger. I’ve had blogs about home improvement/ DIY, running and crafts and baking. The home improvement/ DIY blog didn’t work out very well because , being honest, it’s expensive to have a DIY blog at first. Trying to find little affordable projects that Wes wouldn’t object to around the house and that I had the skill and time to do got more and more difficult so after a few months, I stopped blogging.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 5.41.00 PM
My baking and crafting blog.

A year or so later, I got on this big health/ fitness kick so I wanted to blog about it. I enjoyed writing about this subject and sharing my experiences with eating better and exercising. This type of blogging fit easier into my budget and my lifestyle but again after a few months, I found out that I was pregnant with J. Being pregnant for the first time, I found it hard to write and share about my life without being able to share the huge baby news, then the morning sickness and tiredness kicked in and I stopped blogging. The craft and baking blog had a similar ending to the two above, almost a little mixture of the two. When the blog was still pretty new, I found out that I was pregnant again and this pregnancy, especially the first trimester, was really tough on me. Dealing with the nausea and fatigue plus chasing around a toddler didn’t leave much time or energy to write posts and blog. And as much as I like to craft and bake, it’s not easy to run a blog like that, similar to the DIY blog, on a limited SAHM budget.

How I do most of my work from my computer now – baby asleep in lap, typing with one hand.

So you might be asking yourself, why am I trying this blog thing again? why do I think i’ll be successful this time? what makes this idea different? Well first off, I’m not pregnant nor do I plan to be so in the next couple of years so no tough morning sickness to battle against. I hope that if I can make it through the first couple months of blogging, get over that hump that I can’t seem to get over before, that I can actually make this blog successful. Kind of similar to the 30 days (or whatever) makes a habit. I’m also going to set realistic goals for myself with this blog, hopefully I will be able to post 3 times a week but if the kids are sick or something else comes up, and I’m gonna be okay with it because it’s real life. And lastly, this topic, motherhood is where my life is right now. It’s the biggest part of my life, it’s the season that I am in. The season of motherhood. It doesn’t require me to do DIY projects around the house, to do exercise or eat healthy or spend many on crafts to be able to write the blog. I just have to live my life.


Thanks of stopping by and let’s get this show on the road.