My Favorite Nursing Bras

Hi Everyone,

Every woman knows the importance of a good bra but you don’t realize how important a good nursing bra is until you are pregnant.  I know what you are thinking a nursing bra while you are pregnant doesn’t really make any sense but until you are pregnant and your baby bump decides to take over your whole torso and the thought of putting on a bra with underwire makes you want to cry.  And if you are like me, usually by the time that I’m the second trimester by boobs have gotten the baby notice and have decided to get a head start on preparing food for it and have ballooned up a couple size more than normal so even without the underwire issue, my regular bras wouldn’t fit anyway.

I have either been pregnant or nursing for the past 3 years so I have been able to gather a list of my favorite nursing bras and I wanted to pass them along.


Bravdo Buttercup Nursing Bra– I don’t know if this is the exact one I have (I found it over 2 years ago and yes I still wear it) but it’s similar.  I like this one because it looks very similar to a regular bra and I wear it when I get dressed up.  This bra goes by your actual bra size not just small, medium and large which is nice for a great fit.


Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra –  This one is just for everyday wear.  It’s super comfortable, has a removable pad if thats not your thing and just overall a good bra.  I do wish it had a little more support so I could get a little more lift.


Motherhood Maternity Full Busted Seamless Nursing Bra – This is the newest bra to my collection.  One day after wearing a not supportive, really wish I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place nursing bra.  I was over it and went out with the idea of just buying one with a underwire.  These girls need some support.  The kind lady at Motherhood Maternity talked me out a underwire because they can cause mastitis and I didn’t want that.  To humor me, she did give me an underwire to try on and it was not comfortable at all.  But I was able to find this one.  It proved a little lifted that I was looking for and because of the high wall in the front, my boobs weren’t falling out of it.  My only issue with this bra is that I feel like it rides up a lot in the back but overall it was a good find. And at $25, it’s a lot cheaper than the other too.


Women’s Power Shape Max Support Front-Close Sports Bra – In my path to get stronger, healthier and just overall better shape I’ve need to find some nursing friendly workout bras.   Before being pregnant and/or nursing I didn’t have small boobs to begin with so when I do high level exercise I need to be able to keep the girls close and contained.  Those cute little spaghetti strap nursing bras don’t do anything for me besides waste my money so I have to go with the high impact sports bra.  These bras are often by your bra size and hook in the back similar to a regular bra but this have the back support like a sports bra.  Those bras are great until you have to take them off while you are sweaty.  Since I’m still nursing, I know I need to be able to have easy access when the time comes to a hard to get off sports bra isn’t going to cut it.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw at target that they had zip up high impact sports bras.

They have a little hook on the front that helps you zip it up and will keep it together if the zipper happens to unzip while you are working out.  I haven’t had this happen yet but it could happen.  I have two of these bras.  I plan on nursing N for over a year like I did with J and I want to get back into running so I’m gonna need the extra support.  I was able to get one on sale and the other one on clearance. Score!

So there is a list of my favorite nursing friendly bras.

What are some of your favorite nursing bras?





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