4 Tips for a Successful School Morning

J is in his 4th week of preschool so naturally, I’m a pro that getting him ready in the morning.   Just kidding.  I may have just tipped my toes into this whole getting ready for school but I do have a couple of tips that keep our mornings running as smoothly as you can with a moody toddler and a newborn.

Get Ready Station –  I decided to set up a little area by the back door for James.  It’s a place where he can keep his backpack, jacket, and shoes.  My hope is that we get into the habit of keeping these items there so in the morning we don’t have to go hunting for them.   I used 3 command strip hooks, a small play chair, and a basket to hold his shoes and socks.  I heard on a podcast about placing your socks near your shoes so it’s easy to grab them and not have to search for them.

Plan ahead –  On nights that I’m able to, I like to get as much ready for the next morning as possible.  Sometimes this means just getting the kid’s clothes laid out and on other days it gathering all the things and placing them near the front door that I will need for the errands that I plan on running while J is at school.


Art wall – I’ve heard about all the art that preschools seem to bring home and if you don’t have a plan it can multiply faster than a pair of frisky bunnies.  I didn’t really have anything in place before J started school so I took some string (my roast chicken string/ twine), 2 nails and clothespins and made up a line that we can hang up his art.  My plan is to go through it probably every month or so, keep my favorites and get rid of the rest.

DSC_02164. Watching my tone –  Every mom knows that when you get stressed out and yell, everything you are trying to do doesn’t get done.  And it’s the same for when I’m trying to get James ready for school.  I know that if I get angry or upset, James will have a meltdown and it gets us nowhere.  But if I keep it together,  not fight him on things like brushing his own teeth in the morning, that we will get to the van without any major hiccups.

So those are the 4 things that I’ve tried to do so we have asuccesful and a meltdown free mornings before preschool.  Like I said, 4 weeks in, only one kid going,  I’m a total pro.  Just kidding.

What tips/ tricks do you have to make a morning a success?


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