Day in the Life – First Day Alone


‘Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.

I thought I would share a ‘Day in the Life’ because who doesn’t love the chance to be able to look into someone else life and see what their day looks.  I personally enjoy reading them and so I’m gonna try to do one once a month because right now my life is changing a lot month by month.  I decided to blog the first day that Wes went back to work at the station, a full 24 hours + of just me and the kids.  I know you are so jealous, so here we go.

6:15 – Wes wakes up.  I run/control the alarm clock so I wake up, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes when he wakes up.

6:45 – Wes comes in, kisses me goodbye and leaves for work.

7:00 – The kids are up!  I change their diapers, get them dressed and nurse N.  J watches some cartoons on PBS.

8:00 – Breakfast!

Pancakes with a side of chocolate milk and lemon water. Yummy!

8:30 – I clean up the house.  Some nights I don’t always get the chance to clean up before I go to bed so I spent the morning picking up the house and cleaning the kitchen.  I also take this opportunity to listen to some podcasts.  I enjoy listening to YHL has a podcast, Someone knows something and She Proves Faithful.  And yes I understand how all over my podcast preferences are.

Ever since we got James train table, we have been keeping a good chunk on his toys in his room but he still likes to bring some toys into the living room.  So instead of taking a million trips back and forth from the living room to his room, I just gather all his toys in a basket and put it in his room once I’m done.


10 – I finish cleaning and I nurse N again.

11 – J has his speech therapy.  He has it once a week and we have seen a lot of improvements in the 7 months he has been doing it.

12 – Speech Therapy is over and now it’s time for lunch – for both kids.

I’ve been letting J eat at his little table just in case I have to nurse N and I don’t want him to get stuck in the highchair if I can’t easily help me down.

12:40 – After everyone is full I try to fit in a workout.  J is watching some TV and N is sleeping in her bassinet/ rocker.  It takes me over an hour to get in a 25-minute workout between the two kids.


To get stuff done, sometimes you just had to make it work.

1:40 – James is down for his afternoon nap and I finally have lunch while N is still napping.  I also get a little camper work done before N wakes up and decides that she would rather nap being held.

My lunch: PB&J, celery with PB, a peach and fiber one brownie for dessert.

3:30 –  J wakes up and is ready to go.

4 –  We decide to get out of the house and head to the library to pick up some books and movies.  J is starting to get into Pixar and Disney movies so we rent them on the regular from the library.  Is that even a phrase anymore – on the regular. If so, great, if not, them still gonna use it.

This is pure bliss – the train table all to yourself!

J likes to hit up the train table at the library.  We usually stay there for a little bit until the idea of having to share the trains gets to be too much and we move on.

5 – We head over to Aldi’s, probably to get milk.  We go through milk like crazy now.

6 – Dinner time –  A couple of weeks ago I moved our dinner time from 6:30 to 6 because N was wanting to nurse around 6:30.  Her nursing time changed but the 6 o’clock dinner time seemed to work out pretty well so I decided to keep it there.  J doesn’t seem to be as ‘hangry’ at 6 and it leaves more time in the evening after dinner.

When Wes is working I try to have leftovers or make something simple for dinner since that’s when it’s starts to get a little hairy about here.  On tonight menu is pasta with pasta sauce and green beans on the side.  Plain pasta is something easy and quick that I know James will eat with no problem.


7:40 –   I actually put J to bed about half an hour early on days when Wes is working because, truthfully, I’m ready for a break. Get J ready for bed – Change diaper and get into PJ’s and call Wes on facetime.  We like to facetime with him when he’s at the station for the night.  J likes to be able to kiss the phone and play silly games with him.

8:00 – I nurse N again and get her ready for bed.  She doesn’t always fall asleep right after nursing so she hangs out in the rocker while I clean up the kitchen.

9:00 –  Both kids are asleep and in their own rooms.  Hallelujah!

9:30 – N stirs and with a little extra rocking and cuddling she’s back asleep.

10:15 – I’m asleep.

I hope you enjoyed a day in our life.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!




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